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Jane Doe

Booking ID

1.Your booking ID will start with CGP 000

2.Unique identifier assigned to a specific Umrah journey reservation.

3.Enables tracking and management of reservations.

4.Each ID corresponds to a specific set of arrangements.

John Smith

Batch Name

1.Designates a specific group of travels within a larger cohort.

2.Helps distinguish between different groups or subgroups.

3.Facilitates communication, coordination, and management of various groups.

Cat McKitty

Number of Pax

1.Refers to the total count of travelers associated with a specific booking or group.

2.Crucial for planning accommodations, transportation, meals, and other logistical arrangements.


    Travel Period

    Leaders who are creating new Umrah groups can use this feature to choose the range of dates they would want to depart on their Umrah trip. The Umrah Date Range Selector simplifies the process for users to select the beginning and ending dates of their group's travel, which promotes effective organization and scheduling.

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    Customer Support & Offline Booking
    Customer Support & Offline Booking
    Dear customer, if you can't find your desired date online! No problem! Just contact us and we will immediately get you the same date from our offline reservation. Please check availability.
    Customer Support & Offline Booking