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Your Guide to a Seamless Experience

JOOMM UMRAH DIY is an online platform specially created to help Malaysians,
Singaporeans, Bruneians and Indonesians travellers with all their needs to
preform Umrah.

This includes services such as hotel bookings, finding Mutawwif(ah), sharing
rooms, creating small travel groups, transfers, and other related services.

(a). Some of the words you’ll see have very specific meanings, so please check
out the meaning of these words at the Beginning of these Terms.
(b). By saying “We”, “our” we are referring to JOOMM UMRAH DIY virtual
subsidiary Company of Motorhome Holiday & Travels Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. which is based In Kuala Lumpur “Malaysia”.
(c). When referring to the Company, the terms “we”, “our” or “JOOMM UMRAH
DIY” are used, while “you” refers to subscribers and visitors to the Site .

(a). All users should be aware of the following while using our website:
Unless otherwise indicated here, you need to be up to 18 years old to use our
(b). All users must have the legal capacity to go through legal commitments as
accessing the website will require the ability to establish agreements and make
online transactions. Hence, by making your Reservation, you agree to pay the
full cost of the Travel Experience, including any charges and taxes that may
(c). You agreed that any transaction or procedure you manage to make on the
website will indicates your total acceptance to commit to this agreement which
means paying any necessary transaction.
(d). Every time you complete your Booking, you accept these Terms and any
other terms that you’re provided with during the booking process.

(a). You agreed that you will abide by Our rules and comply with all applicable
laws in this contract.
(b). You agreed to use the Travel Experience and/or Platform for their intended
purpose only.
(c). Any one making the Booking will be responsible for the actions and
behaviour (in relation to the Travel Experience) of everyone in the group.
(d). You will be also responsible for obtaining their permission before providing
us with their personal data
(e). You suppose not to cause any threats, or damage, and not behave
inappropriately to the Service Provider’s personnel (or anyone else, related to).

Access to JOOMM UMRAH DIY website in accordance to our terms and
(a). Use the website to make hotel reservations or other services for yourself or
someone else in line with right permission
(b)User data must be correct and clear to purchase any service on JOOMM
UMRAH DIY website.
(c). It falls on your responsibility to educate the person you are making the
reservation to about our terms and conditions,
(d). The information he provides gets updated and amended on the website.
(e). Every user of JOOMM UMRAH DIY website is sole responsibility to protect
their personal information and manage it.
(f). We reserve the right always to block any person from using the website or
benefit from it for any reason and at any time .and that’s not limited to violation
to this agreement.
(g). By Using this website doesn’t form any sort of partnerships nor a job with us
or our service providers.

If anything in these Terms is becomes invalid or, unenforceable:
(a). It will still be enforced to the fullest extent permitted by law
(b). You will still be bound by everything else in the Terms.
(c). If there’s any contradiction between general and specific terms, then the specific
terms will apply.
(d). The English version of these Terms is the original.
(e). If there’s any dispute about the Terms, or any contradiction between the Terms in
English and in another language, the Terms as they appear in English will apply to
whole terms and contracts. (If you want to change the language, go to the top of
this page.)
(f). When you book an accommodation, JOOMM UMRAH DIY provides and is
responsible for the Platform only – but not the quality of the accommodation itself.

(a). We highly try to take reasonable care in providing our Platform, but we can’t
guarantee that everything on it is accurate (As you know we get information from the
Service Providers).
(b). Furthermore, JOOMM UMRAH DIY does not assume any responsibility for any
inaccurate information displayed on our website or any other platform.
(c). To the extent permitted by law, we can’t be held responsible for any errors, any
interruptions, or any missing bits of information – although we will do everything we
can to correct/fix them as soon as it comes to our knowledge.
(d). Please note that our Platform is not a recommendation or endorsement of any
Service Provider or its products, services, facilities, etc.

(a). In any way we’re not a party to the terms between you and the Service Provider.
The Service Provider is solely responsible for the accommodation conditions and
(b). To make a Reservation, you may need to create an Account. Please make sure all
your info (including payment and contact details) is correct and up to date.
(c). If you might find you can’t access your Bookings. You’re solely responsible for
anything that happens with your Account, so please don’t let anyone else use it, and
please keep your username and password secret.
(d). JOOMM UMRAH DIY and their partners are committed to securing and
protecting users’ transactions on the website to the best of our abilities.
(e). However, we won’t take responsibility for card loss and their use afterwards and
will not make up any money loss for any service that was paid through that card or if
it was used illegally.

All content displayed on the website along with the infrastructure is deemed to be a property to JOOMM UMRAH DIY, partners/suppliers and service providers.

(a). The user cannot edit, showcase, distribute, share materials from
(b). YOU should never sell or resell any information that is being displayed on the
Users must agree to the following:
(c). JOOMM UMRAH DIY website should never utilize its content for any commercial
or business-related services that might infringe this agreement.
(d). The website should not be used for any illegal purpose whatsoever.
(e). The website should not be used to make fake Bookings
(f). The user agrees to avoid fraudulent practices or any illegal method when making
credit card transactions. Thus, JOOMM UMRAH DIY takes no responsibility or
accountability for fraudulence or claim for theft regarding that card.
(g). Do not breach the limitations of any private electronic title displayed on the
website or breach any restrictions to prevent access to our website.
(h). It is prohibited to create a deep link to any part of the UMRAH DIY website (like
empty spaces when purchasing a service) without obtaining written approval
(i). It is advised not to engage in any action that could result in website overload or is
not in accordance with its nature.
(j). Users need to read the terms and conditions carefully. They are completely
responsible for any consequences related to the data they have entered.

(a). Buying Services from JOOM UMRAH DIY Website Is Considered to be a Direct
Commitment Between the User and The Service Provider.
(b). The User Can Benefit from The Terms and Conditions That Have Been Established
by The Service Providers.
(c). You agreed that you Have Read the Terms of The Agreement and Accepted Them
If You Use Any of The Services We Provide.
(d). The Terms and Conditions Are Set by JOOM UMRAH DIY And Our Service
(e). Breaching Any of The Mentioned Tools Will Result in The Cancellation of The
Service and The Purchase That Was Paid Without Any Responsibilities for The
Reservation or The Cost Against JOOM UMRAH DIY.
(f). JOOMM UMRAH DIY Isn’t an Agent for Any of The Service Providers, And Isn’t
Responsible for Any Problem or Action Made by Any of The Service Providers Listed
on The Website.

Users Need to Read the Service Providers Terms and Conditions.
Services Are Displayed on The Website Subject to The Service Providers Conditions.
(a). If A User Wants to Cancel or Have A Refund, They will be bind by hotel cancelation
policy at the time when they mad the booking.
(b). It Is Possible for Users to Cancel or Modify Services That Are Paid in Advance but
Have to Pay Cancellation Fees.
(c). Booking And Reservations Can’t Be Changed During Peak Seasons.
(d). If the User Doesn’t Cancel According to The Hotel Policies, They Will Have to Pay
Taxes and Services.
(e). If the User Doesn’t Show Up on The First Day, Then He Needs to Check in At the
Hotel for The Rest of The Nights to Avoid Having Their Reservation Cancelled.
(f). 30 Days After the Checkout Date, The Company Has No Liability for That.
(g). Some Services Are Not Refundable or Changeable.
(h). The User Agrees to Terms and Conditions on The Website. The User Is Willing to
Pay some Of the Refund Payment to Get Deducted as Expenses.
(i). The Company Has the Right to Impose Cancellation Fees on Hotel Reservations.
(j). If there is a problem with confirming a reservation, JOOMM UMRAH DIY will either
refund the full amount or provide the same service with another provider that has
the same quality, price, and class. However, if a client cancels for any reason, JOOMM
UMRAH DIY is not responsible.
(k). Refunds, in the aforementioned case, are subject to the policies of, service
providers, and JOOM UMRAH DIY

(a). We have included each Service Provider’s cancellation policy and any other
policies (about age requirements, damage deposits, Meals, Types of cards
accepted, etc.) on our Platform, or on the Service Provider information pages,
during the booking process, in the fine print, and/or in the confirmation email (if
(b). In the event you cancel a Booking or don’t show up, any cancellation/no￾show fee and any refund will depend on the Service Provider’s (Hotel)
cancellation/no-show policy only.
(c). The booking so often can’t be modified or cancelled However, if it offers
free cancellation, you will be able to cancel it for free, as long as you do it in
time.( See the Service provider cancelation policy).
(d). Keep in mind that some Bookings can’t be cancelled for free, but others can
only be cancelled for free if it’s before a deadline.
(e). In case you book a hotel by paying in advance (including all price
components and/or other fees if applicable), the Service Provider has the right
to cancel the Booking without notice if they can’t collect the balance on the
date specified.
(f). If we do so, any non-refundable payment you’ve made will only be refunded
at the Service provider discretion.
(g). It’s your responsibility to make sure the payment goes ahead on time, and
make sure that your bank, debit card or credit card details all are correct, and
that there’s enough money available in your account).
(h). In the case that you know you’re not going to arrive on time, please make
sure to contact your Service Provider (Hotel) and tell them when you expect to
reach, so they don’t have to cancel your Booking.
(i) So, if you’re late, we are not liable in any way for the following consequences
(e.g., the cancellation of your Booking, or any fees the Service Provider (Hotel)
may charge).

(a). The information displayed on the website may contain incorrect details and is
subject to change, including the cost and availability of products and services.
(b). The company will not be held responsible for any consequences resulting from
these inaccuracies.
However, the company has the ability to rectify these errors, and users may be given
the option to maintain or cancel their reservations accordingly.
(c). The company does not have any affiliation with transportation service providers
or hotels, and therefore, cannot be held accountable for any issues arising from these
services, such as refunds, cancellations, or compensation.
(d). The company is also not responsible for any financial matters, such as
cancellations, expenses.
(e). Neither the company nor any of its employees, partners, or service providers are
liable for any indirect or direct, accidental or intentional issues caused by the website
or any displayed products or services.
(f). This includes financial loss, damages, or mistakes, even if the possibility of such
incidents was known.
(g). In the event that the company or its service providers do bear any responsibility,
it will be limited to refunding the pre-paid payment.
(h). The terms and conditions specified in the agreement will remain in effect once the
issue is resolved.
(i). The prices of services and products displayed on the website are only provided as a
general indication and are subject to change at any time.
(j). JOOMM UMRAH DIY cannot be held responsible for these prices and does not
guarantee the availability of any product or service.

(a). Please confirm the length of your stay in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia before
making your reservation, as the maximum stay is 90days for visitors and could
be less than that in some cases (*please check).
(b). In addition, you may be required to obtain an entry visa for either transit or
travel destination, so it is important to complete this process and have all
relevant documents in order.
(c). Failure to leave the country within the specified period can result in serious
problems that may affect your trip and may even result in detention. In such
cases, the User bears full responsibility for any damages, costs or expenses
(d). You should be aware that while traveling through JOOMM UMRAH DIY and
its service providers, it does not guarantee a problem-free trip.
(e). Therefore, we cannot accept responsibility for any risks or damages that may
arise from traveling through our services.
Therefore, we advise our users to familiarize themselves with any travel
prohibitions before embarking on any trip.

(a). JOOMM UMRAH DIY’s privacy and service policy states that they and their
service providers will not disclose information regarding the suitability of the
site content.
(b). In addition, the services provided on the JOOMM UMRAH DIY Site do not
necessarily indicate endorsement by the Company or its service providers.
(c). By accepting this Agreement, the User agrees to protect and support
JOOMM UMRAH DIY, its employees and service providers from any damage or
financial problems, including but not limited to expenses, disputes, penalties
and other associated expenses such as legal fees, resulting therefrom. from the
(d). Any breach of this Agreement, any violation of the terms, rights or laws, or
sharing or selling advertising that may contravene legal regulations.
Third parties, including external service providers, has content on our website
that we cannot change or moderate.
(e). As a result, JOOMM UMRAH DIY has no obligation or liability for such
(f). In addition, if you encounter any harmful sources or viruses while viewing or
downloading content from our site, JOOMM UMRAH DIY cannot be held

(a). Currency exchange rates are provided for general reference only.
(b). The prices and costs stated may not be accurate, and JOOMM UMRAH DIY,
as well as its service providers and other parties involved, do not accept any
responsibility for any discrepancies.
(c). In addition, the content on the Site is intended for personal use and should
not be used for commercial purposes.

Some banks charge fees for transactions outside the local area (such as
international transactions). For example, if you withdraw money in a foreign
country, the bank will convert the currency and charge a fee for each
(a). As a result, JOOMM UMRAH DIY does not accept any responsibility for and
will not cover these charges.
(b). In addition, it is difficult for us to estimate the exact amount of international
transaction fees.
(c). Furthermore, if you have any questions about international fees, please
contact your bank for further clarification

(a). Most of the time the prices you see may have been rounded to the nearest
whole number. The price you pay will be based on the original, ‘non-rounded’
price (although the actual difference will be pretty tiny anyway).
(b). By all certainty the errors and misprints are not binding us. For example: if
you book a night in a luxury suite that was mistakenly published for Rial 10, then
we may simply cancel that Booking and refund anything you’ve paid.
(c). If you see a crossed-out price indicates the price of a like-for-like Booking
without the price reduction applied (‘like-for-like’ means same dates, same
policies, same quality of accommodation…etc.).
(d). The Service Provider will require an Upfront Payment and/or a payment
taken during your Travel Experience for some product s or services
(e). In some cases, our affiliate in the country your payment originates from) will
be responsible for managing your payment and ensuring the completion of your
transaction with our Service Provider.
In this case, any payment you make constitutes as final settlement of the ‘due
and payable’ price.
(f). You will be charged by Us at the beginning of your booking directly from your
credit card when you book your Accommodation.
This will be depended on the Upfront Payment policy of the Service Provider as
communicated to you in the booking process.
(g). In case of the Service Provider requires an Upfront Payment, it may be
taken or pre-authorised when you make your Reservation, it will be mostly non-refundable.
So, before you book, please check the Service Provider’s Upfront Payments
policy (available during the booking process), which we don’t interfering with
and aren’t responsible for.
(h). The currency selected on this Platform isn’t the same as the Service
Provider’s currency, So we may show prices in your own currency and the
payment will be in your own currency too
(I). You will find the Currency Conversion Rate during checkout, in your Booking
details of your Account, or in the email we send you.
(k). Your card issuer may charge you a foreign transaction fee.
(l). We will ask for your consent to store your Payment Method details for
future transactions.
(m). Any Requests or Claims Regarding Our Services Must Be Made Within 30
Days of The Incident. If Not, The Claim Will Be Considered Waived.

(a). If you book an accommodation, or Mutawwif, attractions, or other services
on our Platform please see our Privacy and Cookies Statement.
(b). In case we need more details information we might contact you to process
personal data
(c). If you book ground transport, please see the Rental Privacy Statement, The
Service Provider Policy.

For special request such as (wheelchair access, walk-in baths, etc.), please
contact your Service Provider – or the airport, train station, etc.

Our attitude against inadmissible behaviour as per following:
(a). We have the right to stop you making any Bookings, to cancel any Bookings
you’ve already made, and/or to stop you using our Platform, our Customer
Service, and/or your Account. Of course, we’ll only do this if, in our opinion,
there’s a good reason to do so -which include but not limited to:
(b). If you are not compliant with Our set values, or with applicable laws or
(c). If you start causing inappropriate or unlawful behaviour as, violence, threats
or overrun of privacy in relation to us, or any of our business partner we work
with – or anybody else, for that matter.
(d). In case If we cancel a Booking as a result of that, you will not be in any way
entitled to a refund.
(e). Absolutely we will tell you why we’ve to cancel your entire Booking.
Meanwhile we will tell you one of the following reasons:
(1). You are contravening our applicable laws and/or
(2). You are preventing or obstructing the detection or prevention of fraudulent
or other unlawful activities.
(*). But if you strongly believe we have incorrectly cancelled your Booking,
please contact our Customer Service team to discuss this matter.

•After selecting and paying for your hotel, you could book additional travel
services for your trip or holiday during the same visit to the Platform;
• you always could book additional travel services for your trip or holiday via a
link will be send to you not later than 48 hours after receiving confirmation of
your initial Booking with us.

(a). Please always keep in mind that we will not be responsible in anyways for the
proper performance of those travel services, or the value of those services.
(b). In case if you facing any issues or difficulties. please contact the relevant
Service Provider. (Remember here, we are just an intermediate between you
and the Service provider!!)
(c). Please note that this does not provide a refund in the event of the insolvency
of the relevant Service Provider.

(a). JOOMM UMRAH DIY owns and operates the Platform.
(b). When you make a Booking, it will not be never directly with the Service
Provider. We’re a ‘contractual party’ between you and the Service Provider.
(c). In our Platform only shows Accommodations that have a business
relationship with us, and it doesn’t necessarily show all their products or
(d). Any Information about Service Providers such as, Hotels, facilities, rules and
sustainability measures) Or. (Prices, availability and cancellation policies) is
based on what they provide to us. They’re the only responsible for making sure
it’s accurate and up to date.

26- WHAT WE DO? (*)
(a). We are here only providing the Platform on which clients can buy their
Accommodations – Or you can search for it, compare with other Service
providers and book them
(b). Once you’ve booked your room, we’ll provide you and the Service Provider
with details of the Booking; including the names of the guest(s).
(c). if the Service Provider needs more details about you, then we’ll tell you at
the time of making reservation
(d). Depending on the terms of your reservation, we will try to help you change
or cancel it if you wish to.

Before and after making a booking, you have to consider these:
(a). First you have to fill in all your contact details correctly, so we and/or the
Service Provider can provide you with information about your Reservation and,
if necessary, contact will you.
(b). Second, you must read and agree to comply with our Terms and the Third￾Party Terms (which you will find it displayed at checkout) – and acknowledge
that breaching them may lead to additional charges and/or lead to cancellation
of your reservation completely.
(c). Third, you have to take care of the Accommodation and its furniture,
fixtures, electronics and other contents, and leave things in the same state they
were before you arrived.
(d). Four, if anything is broken, damaged or lost, please be honest and make
sure you report it to the staff there (as soon as you could before officially
checking Out.
(e). Fifth, Maintain the safety of the Accommodation and its contents during
your stay. So don’t, leave doors or windows unlocked.

(a). We always we want you to get the best possible price for every time.
So, If, after you’ve booked your Accommodation with us, you find the
same Accommodation (with the same conditions) for less on another
online platform, we promise that we will refund the difference, but is
subject to our Price Match terms and conditions our partners offer.
(b). Some offers on our Platform are not originally direct comes from the
service provider itself. But through other Partner offers, which means
they come to us through a “JOOMM UMRAH DIY” partner company,
rather than straight from a Service Provider. Unless otherwise indicated.

Some of the price reductions you will see time to time are funded by us, not by
the Service Provider. We simply cover some of the cost ourselves for clients
whom making frequent bookings.

(1). When you book an accommodation, we will organise your payment.
For details of how this works (including the related rights and obligations),
please refer to….
(*). Contractual relationship
(1). When you book a room, your Booking is with us and your request we will be
sent immediately to the Service Provider at same time.

(a). When we send you your final Booking Confirmation within 48 hours, you’ll
enter a contract with us or/and with the service provider.
In most cases, you’ll get your Booking Confirmation as soon as you complete
your Booking – but if the Service Provider doesn’t confirm your booking
immediately, we won’t send you your Booking Confirmation until they’ve done
(b). If there’s any mismatch between these Terms and the Service provider
Terms than the Service provider Terms will apply. 

Once you’ve booked your Room
(a). You must provide all the information we need it to arrange your Reservation
(contact details, Check In, Check Out, Number of Rooms, Pax, etc.).
(b). You must read and agree to comply with these Terms and the – and
acknowledge that if you breach any:
(1). You might have to pay additional charges
(2). Your Booking might be entirely cancelled

(a). We Are Committed to Following All Laws and Regulations When Executing
This Agreement.
(b). Additionally, No Term or Condition in This Agreement Can Limit Our Legal
(c). If Any Provision in The JOOMM UMRAH DIY Agreement Becomes Invalid, The
Remaining Terms and Conditions Will Still Be Valid and Effective.
(d). If JOOMM UMRAH DIY Decides Not to Enforce Any of Its Terms and
Conditions, This Does Not Mean We Are Waiving Our Rights and We May Still
Implement That Provision in the future
(e). These terms and conditions only shape JOOMM UMRAH DIY entire agreement.
Hence it supersedes any other oral or written agreements.
(f). This agreement includes all conditions and terms of JOOM UMRAH DIY and
its service providers and the provisions of refunds or changes are an integral
part of this agreement.
(g). A printed copy of these terms and conditions is a valid original copy for any
judicial authority.

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Customer Support & Offline Booking
Dear customer, if you can't find your desired date online! No problem! Just contact us and we will immediately get you the same date from our offline reservation. Please check availability.
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